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Navet    Turnip   Nabo   Rübe

Crop Rotation Group :Brassicaceaeturnip

Soil :any reasonably fertile well-drained soil.

Position : Sun or partial shade.

Frost tolerant : Light frost improves flavor, but can be damaged by hard freezes.


Helps: peas, broccoli
Helped by: hairy vetch, peas
Avoid:  hedge mustard, knotweed. Mustard and knotweed inhibit the growth of turnips and rutabagas.


Sow and Plant :Sow seeds in rows in spring, and use roots in salads. Grow a second crop in fall, and use both roots and greens in cooking.

Germination: 3 to 10 days at 12 and 30°C

Spacing : Single Plants: 7″ (20cm) each way; Rows: 5″ (15cm) with 11″ (30cm) row gap

Feeding : Not usually required.

Harvesting :Sowing to harvest 20 to 24 weeks. Pick individual leaves for cooking greens, or pull whole plants to harvest roots. Fall-grown turnips can be stored in a cool root cellar for several weeks.

Yield per 10ft of row: 10lbs

Time to harvest: 60-90days

Troubleshooting :Spring crops bolt to seed quickly, so pull them when the roots are perfect.

Notes : Turnips act as a trap crop for broccoli. See peas regarding their mutualism with turnips. Keep watered in dry weather.