Radis    Radish   Rábano   Rettich

Crop Rotation Group :Brassicas (Cabbage family)radish

Soil :Almost any soil with good drainage.

Position : Full sun to partial afternoon shade.

Frost tolerant : No.


Helps: Squash, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, peas, beans, pole beans
Helped by:
Chervil, lettuce, nasturtiums
flea beetles, cucumber beetles


Sow and Plant :Sow seeds directly in the bed or row, one-half inch deep and 1 inch apart. Thin to proper spacing when the seedlings are 1 week old.

Germination:  days

Spacing : Single Plants: 3″ (10cm) each way; Rows: 3″ (10cm) with 7″ (20cm) row gap

Feeding : Not required.

Harvesting :Harvest round radishes when the roots are the size of a quarter. Young radishes have the best flavor, so pull them promptly.

Yield per 10ft of row: 10 bunches

Time to harvest: 30-60days

Troubleshooting :Flea beetles often make small holes in leaves, but do not merit control

Notes :Radishes can be used as a trap crop against flea beetles. Radishes grown with lettuce taste better.
Use radishes to mark divisions between sowings of salad greens or other spring vegetables.