Origanum vulgare

Origan    Oregano   Orégano   Oregano

Crop Rotation Group :Miscellaneousoreganum

Soil :Any average, well drained soil in an easily accessible site

Position : Full sun to partial afternoon shade.

Frost tolerant : Hardy in cold climates provided plant is well-rooted and mulched. If desired, small plants can be potted up in fall and grown through winter indoors.


Helps: grapes, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin,[14] many other plants
Helped by:


Sow and Plant :Start with a purchased plant, or start seeds indoors and set out at about the time of your last frost. Some strains are propagated only from cuttings. Authentic Greek oregano can be grown from seeds or plants.

Germination:  days

Spacing :Single Plants: 7″ (20cm) each way; Rows: 5″ (15cm) with 9″ (25cm) row gap

Feeding : Not generally needed.

Harvesting :Gather sprigs as needed in the kitchen. Gather stems for drying in early summer, just before the plants bloom.

Time to harvest: days

Troubleshooting :Control oregano’s spread by cutting back flowering stems when their colors fade.

Notes :Provides ground cover and much-needed humidity for pepper plants if allowed to spread among them. Because it attracts syrphidae, it reduces aphids through predation. Frequent pinching back helps to keep plants bushy and full, and it delays flowering. Some strains are grown for their pretty pink flowers. Oregano often spreads in hospitable spots. Moderately invasive.