Melon    Melon   Melón   Melone

Crop Rotation Group :Cucurbits (Squash family)Melon

Soil :Rich soil with plenty of compost added. Often grown in widely spaced enriched hills, or in well-aged compost heaps that include some soil.

Position : Full sun.

Frost tolerant : No


Helps:Corn, Beans
Helped by: Chamomile, pigweed, summer savoury, sow thistl



Sow and Plant :Sow seeds 1 inch deep in rows, or in hills spaced 6 feet apart. After 2 weeks, thin to 2 plants per hill.

Germination: 4-10 days

Spacing : Single Plants: 2′ 11″ (90cm) each way; Rows: 2′ 11″ (90cm) with 2′ 11″ (90cm) row gap

Feeding : After plants set fruit, feed twice, at two week intervals, with a water soluble plant food.

Harvesting :Harvest when sound holow if tapped hard. Wipe clean and store indoors.

Yield per 10ft of row: 10

Time to harvest: 50-120days

Troubleshooting :

Notes :Fruit size varies with variety. Small melons mature quickly and take up less space compared to huge varieties.
Control weeds early and then mulch to avoid trampling the vines after fruits have set.

Hairloom varieties:

‘Anne Arundel’
‘Armenian Cucumber’
‘Blenheim Orange’
‘Early Christiana’
‘Emerald Gem’
‘Green Climbing’
‘Jenny Lind’
Musk Melon Mangoes Recipe
‘Montreal Market’
‘Murray’s Pineapple’
‘Prescott fond blanc’
‘Rocky Ford’
‘Turkish Casaba’
‘Winter Valencia’