Green Tea

Camellia Sinensis   Thé vert    espespesp   Grüner Tee

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Sow and Plant : the seeds germinate fairly quickly once sown in warm, moist medium; however, they must be scarified before sowing to weaken their hull and ease sprouting: soak the seeds for 24 hours; spread the soaked seeds on a dish towel in a sunny area. mist the seeds with water every few hours so they never fully dry out. inspect the seeds in a day or 2. collect those with a crack in the hull and sow them immediately. Sow the seeds in 4 inch pots filled with a mix of 1/2 potting soil and 1/2 perlite. sow depth = 1″. make sure that the pale spot – they eye – is positioned horizontally. set the potted plant inside a shaded cold frame on a germination mat. set the temperature on the germination mat to 21-24°C. do not lower temperature at night. cover the pot with plastic to preserve moisture. keep growing medium moderately moist; allowing the top 1/2″ to dry out before adding more water to prevent rot. look for signs of germination in one or 2 months. remove plastic when plants emerge, keeping the heating mat in place to encourage fast growth. transplant into 8″ pots when they have 2 sets of mature leafs. place in sheltered area under light shade with morning and afternoon sun.

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