Vitis labrusca

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Crop Rotation Group :Miscellaneousgrapes

Soil :Will grow on relatively poor soil as long as it is well drained and compost is dug in. pH of 6.5 to 7 preferred.

Position : Sunny position.

Frost tolerant : Yes but cover if a severe frost is forecast.


Helped by: Hyssop, alyssum, basil, beans, chives, geraniums, mustards, oregano, clover, peas, blackberries
Avoid: cabbage, garlic, radishes


Sow and Plant :Plant in mid-fall or early winter when it’s not too cold for a little root growth to help them establish.

Germination:  days

Spacing :Single Plants: 4′ 11″ (1.50m) each way; Rows: 4′ 11″ (1.50m) with 4′ 11″ (1.50m) row gap

Feeding : Mulch with well rotted compost annually.

Harvesting :Harvest fruit when ripe, thinning a few out beforehand to allow others to swell. After harvesting prune the bush back to three buds. Vines can gradually be trained up a support system.

Time to harvest: days

Troubleshooting :

Notes :