Fukuoka Holes

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1strawrevolutionNamed after the famous japanese Gardener Masanobu Fukuoka who wrote the book « One Straw Revolution« . At the end of his book he describes the simplest and most lazy method of organic gardening as the ‘hole method’: you dig a hole, throw some compost in, cover it with soil and plant. In time the fertility of the hole will spread especially if there are other such holes in the neighborhood.

Since we are living in the ancient rocky Laurentians in Quebec/Canada, we cannot just dig a hole because the roots of the trees are so dense you cannot get through… fortunately 2 summers ago we had a tornado who ripped out 8 mature oaks and maples – he gave us a little clearing with sunshine.
So we decided to create raised beds instead of making holes: we cut and reassembled some old pallets to make the frames; then lined them on the inside with reclaimed plastic envelopes of 2x3s to protect the wood a little from the soil and decomposition.
Then we put some compost on the bottom and covered it with soil to plant.

The frame of used pallets is lined with reused wood envelopes

The frame of used pallets is lined with reused wood envelopes


Filling in the compost on the bottom and covering it with garden soil.