Coriandrum sativum

Coriandre    Cilantro  Cilantro   Koriander

Crop Rotation Group :Umbelliferae (Carrot and root family)cilantro

Soil :Average, well drained soil amended with compost.

Position : Full sun to partial afternoon shade.

Frost tolerant : Seedlings tolerate light frost with protection. Established plants may survive winter in mild climates.


Helps: Anise cabbage, spinach, lettuce, tomato
Helped by:
beans, peas
tachinid fly, hoverflies
aphids, spider mites, white flies and potato beetle


Sow and Plant :Start seeds indoors in individual containers, or sow seeds outdoors half an inch deep and 2 inches apart. Gradually thin seedlings to proper spacing, and eat your thinnings. Older seedlings are difficult to transplant successfully.

Germination:  days

Spacing :Single Plants: 7″ (20cm) each way; Rows: 5″ (15cm) with 9″ (25cm) row gap

Feeding : Drench with a liquid organic fertilizer when plants are 4 inches tall.

Harvesting :As soon as plants are 6 inches tall, pick individual leaves as you need them in the kitchen.

Time to harvest: days

Troubleshooting :

Notes :Cilantro seeds are the spice known as coriander. Plants grown in spring often rush to produce flowers; fall-grown plants are often better producers.