Brassica oleracea

Choux fleur    Cauliflower   Coliflor   Blumenkohl

Crop Rotation Group :Brassicas (Cabbage family)cauliflower

Soil :Rich, moist soil, firm with plenty of well rotted compost dug in.

Position : Full sun.

Frost tolerant : Yes.


Helps: Beans, celery, spinach, peas
Helped by:
Mixture of Chinese cabbage, marigolds, rape, and sunflower. Spinach,  peas
Mustards, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), pole beans, strawberries


Sow and Plant :Sow indoors in early spring, and set out while the soil is still cool.

Germination:  5-6days

Spacing : Single Plants: 1′ 7″ (50cm) each way; Rows: 1′ 5″ (45cm) with 1′ 11″ (60cm) row gap

Feeding : Mix composted manure or another high-nitrogen compost into the soil before planting. When heads begin to form, feed with a liquid plant food.

Harvesting :Harvest when the head has fully developed, but before the curd becomes loose, with a « ricey » appearance.

Yield per 10ft (3m) rows: 10lbs

Time to harvest: 60-80 days

Troubleshooting :Cabbageworms are small green larvae of the cabbage white butterfly. You can use row covers to keep them from eating plants. Bend over a few leaves if required so that the cauliflower head is kept shaded while it is forming.
When plants are stressed by cold or drought, they may refuse to make heads.

Notes :One row of spinach alternating at 60 cm from each row of cauliflower proved mutually beneficial. See brassicas for more info. See peas regarding their mutualism with cauliflower.